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Kerala is home to the traditional Ayurvedic System of medicine and has been so, from time immemorial...

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India is ideally suited and globally acknowledged for the varieties of rice that she produces. We are proud of the fact that India has the world's richest genetic diversity in rice. The Basmati rice, a product of India, graces the shelves of supermarkets across the globe. Rice, is a staple food the world over and its quality is determined by both the length width ratio of the grain and it's cooking properties.


Listed below is the range of Rice we offer :


Palakkadan Matta/South Indian

Kerala Rose coloured rice / High protein content

Tanjore Matta/South Indian

Tanjore, Tamil Nadu Round,
Grain – Off-white coloured

Ponni Rice/South Indian

Tamil Nadu
Long grained, White rice

US Style Rice/South Indian

Punjab, Maharashtra Long grained, Off White

Chinese Style Rice/North Indian

Rounded & Off-white
Tasty, Heavy grain

Ghee Rice /North Indian

Northern India
Small, rounded, white in colour

Broken Rice/North Indian

Parimal Rice